Resurfacing & Crack Repair

Resurfacing & Crack Repair

Even the best laid asphalt is likely to crack at some point in time. In addition to normal wear and tear, the hot New York sunshine on summers is a common culprit. The good news is asphalt cracks are easy and affordable to repair. When a crack appears, you don’t need a new driveway or parking lot, you just need an experienced asphalt repair service. Kings Paving & Masonry Corp. specializes in asphalt crack repair. We provide dependable, professional crack repair service that lasts.

Don’t Leave The Cracks To Chance
Not only do cracks in asphalt contribute to an unprofessional appearance for the business owner and diminish the curb appeal of the homeowner, they also threaten the structural integrity of the asphalt surface. Water, dirt, sticks, oil and even gasoline can collect in asphalt cracks, encouraging a dirty, and possibly contaminated environment. With the trapped liquids, if you then experience freezing temperatures, you will be susceptible to even more structural damage as the water expands and retracts. What’s more, cracks can become a tripping hazard. And, bike, shopping cart and scooter wheels can become lodged in the cracks causing frustration at best, injury at worst. You don’t want to simply ignore a crack. Asphalt crack repair is responsible property owner preventative maintenance.

What You Can Expect
With Kings Paving & Masonry Corp., you can expect a thorough assessment of the situation before we propose any work. Many cracks present as and truly are straightforward repair work. If we do find a structural issue, we make it our priority to fully educate you on the situation.

For standard cracking we first thoroughly clean out the crack. Then we use high-quality rubberized crack and joint sealant to make the repair. Fatigue cracks, commonly referred to as alligator cracking given their visual similarity to the skin of an alligator, are typically indicative of a structural issue below the asphalt surface. In these cases, we will dig out the area and proceed with a patch, which can involve bringing in aggregate and incremental asphalt. A patch is an effective way to eliminate further fatigue cracking in the area.

Trust Us For Asphalt Crack Repair
When done right, asphalt repair will extend the life of your driveway or parking lot. It ensures a safe and attractive surface for your family, visitors and customers. Contact us today for an honest, expert evaluation of your asphalt driveway or parking lot.

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